Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill

I was a choir girl, opera singing and pop bopping queen prior to this album...


I didn't even choose it, I didn't think it was cool (kind of a rocky vibe) and I had no idea who or what this Canadian was all about (and I can't help but say that in a South Park accent...)


It was my Mothers CD and she would listen to it and scream like a banshee whilst doing the housework. Thankfully, my Mother (to give her her dues) has a decent vocal so she did not ruin it for me BUT she did get Head Over Feet ingrained into my noggin.


One of the days, she left the CD on and it almost scared me to death as I thought the CD player was off and a secret track came on! How fricking exciting… hang on, maybe my Mom was listening to something cool… that’s clever – that’s like an Easter egg in a video game… ok maybe I need to steal this.


So, I would wait for when everyone was out and I would put on the CD and literally belt out You Ought To Know, Ironic, Right Thru You, Perfect, Wake Up, Mary Jane, You Learn, Hand in my Pocket, Not the Doctor, All I Really Want…. I mean when the harmonica starts on that track the hairs go up on my arms… AND IT’S A HARMONICA?!?! What the dickens…


The lyrics to all the songs are just intelligently provocative and delivered with passion. There is not one single dud on that album – every track is a bit of me. If you have not already - I impress you give it a go. I guarantee you’ll have ear worms on some of the songs and when you belt them out you’ll release those happy hormones and feel good. TOP TIP THOUGH – go out for a drive so you can really scream them!

Submitted by Hannah Montgomery

This is a fantastic album, although she does verge on the side of bunny boiler. I saw Alanis in Hyde Park some years ago. She was on the bill with Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and The Who, who performed Quadrophenia which also had as actors Ade Edmonson and Stephen Fry. This was a superb day, the sun was shining and the beer was flowing right into the night.

Submitted by Steve White

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