Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi

This is a band that will pop up quite regular as I have followed them since this debut albums release in 1984 the first time that I ever heard the name Bon Jovi, which sounds bizarre, as they are now a household name. Anyway, the first time was when Steve Vaughan, one of my best mates went to see KISS in concert with his uncle at the Bingley Hall Stafford. At the time I wasn’t that fussed about seeing KISS, so wasn’t really that bothered that I wasn’t going. Looking back, I wish I had brought that ticket, as not only are KISS known throughout the world as being phenomenal live band, but Bon Jovi were their support. Of course, when I next saw Steve he was full of beans about how great both were and that we really should look out for Bon Jovi. So, of course I brought the album and the rest is history. My kids have been brought up with Bon Jovi in the background and my eldest two, Keeley and Dan have both been to see them. Keeley came to the Molineux in Wolverhampton on the Bounce tour and Dan came to the Villa ground for the Circle tour.

The song Runaway, which I will never get board of, was mine and Keeley’s anthem when we used to drive in the van. And we would both sing it at the tops of our voices.

Submitted by Steve White

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