Bon Jovi - This House is Not for Sale

The Year is 2016, Month October and its heading fast towards my 50th Birthday (yep its hard to believe) 

Just been told by my Wife “Mandy” that she has bought me Bon Jovi Runnaway Tour trip, you have 2 hours and we are heading to London to Meet Jon Bon Jovi, David Bryan and TICO and then next day a one off concert, 

Where they will be playing the entire Album, The album has not even been released, so as a massive Bon Jovi fan having seen them so so many times, I will not know any of the song lyrics……Which sounds nuts but was absolutely brilliant  

Ok so I’m excited about meeting the BOYS from Bon Jovi, but you know what I was so excited about seeing a Live performance of a massive band like Bon Jovi and getting to Listen to to the songs without any screaming fans (ME) 

Its Sunday Night, 9th October 2016, The London Palladium, 2nd Row and then Boom on stage joke about Bruce Forsyth , In my head get on with it  

To this day, its my best album, because I listened to them live, and took the whole spectrum of them live, Lyrics resonated so much to this day, 

This House is not for sale….Boom opening title, Bon Jovi had to perform that night as they were laid bare, The crowd couldn’t sing along to lift them 

If anyone wants an intro to Bon Jovi go to This House Not for Sale 

(Check out, Knockout, Roller Coaster and New Years Day Classic Bon Jovi) 

On a side Note…Check out John Shanks on guitar

Submitted by Seamus Phillips

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