Def Leppard - Hysteria

This really was a game changer of an album both for Def Leppard and the world of rock music. I first heard the track 'Animal' at the Costermongers in Birmingham City centre. The pub was so called because it was situated right next to the Oasis market, it was a basement bar and was pretty rough in terms of the decor. I remember it like it was yesterday, your feet would stick to the floor because of all of the beer  that was spilt and the gents toilets would always have blockages, not the best. Although, we had a fond love for the place as it was always packed the music was great and loud and it was where our friends were. Colin Wall was one of the DJ's, a great guy who would try to please everyone with their requests. Colin went on to own Eddies night club, the old No.8 and I believe that he still owns and runs Eddies but at a different location, great guy. No mobile phones or Facebook back then. So it was our weekly catch up. Pretty much any track could have been released off this album as in the words of my son Dan, "it is a BANGER"

Submitted by Steve White

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