Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

This is a classic album that should be in everybody's collection. There are a couple of things that come back to me when I hear this album. Firstly, when I was about 16, we started going to a Rock pub called the Grapes in Birmingham. I know what you are think, 16 and going to the pub, I know, I that is the rebel in me. Anyway, the DJ Mr. Tony Craig who was a bit of a legend by all accounts in the rock disco world, as he had been doing it for quite a while at venues like The Rio Grande in Yardley and The Bulls Head also in Yardley. I know right, the dizzy heights of stardom, sadly I believe that Mr Craig is no longer with us. Please correct me if I have this wrong. Back to the album, Tony would very often play Dreams, Not really what you would call an all out rock tune, but he had an ulterior motive. You see every time that he would play this, a proper rock chick would get and dance all alone real slow to. I mean she was the real deal, knee high boots, jeans, lace top, leather jacket long flowing hair and attractive. I would say she was in her 30's, so at the time for me, too old! or maybe, I should've looked at her as the older woman? So...... I think Tony only played Dreams just to watch her dance, the other problem, was that she was always clearly stoned.
Secondly, this album and in particular The Chain, brings back memories of F1. Which I'm sure is the same for a lot of people. However, this is a little different. My good friend Tony Hackley, was asked on a few occasions to put a team of guys together that could work security at Silverstone for the F1. What a great experience this was. But the great part was the evening, we had hired a camper van, whilst most of the other guys and girls working there had tents. So after we had been out for dinner, we got back around 10ish and booted up the Xbox with Guitar Hero. We weren't flavour of the month as we rocked singing and laughing until around 2.30 and everyone was up at 6.30 for the next days work. But for the 8 of us in the van, it was a great night. Thirdly again because of the F1, I met a guy called Marc Wade, who was on another security team with his wife. We got chatting and started talking about the noise from the night before and I admitted that it was us with the Xbox. When I mentioned Xbox, that was it, there was no problem, as he was a gamer too. We have been good friends ever since 2009 and we are in contact regularly via Xbox.

Submitted by Steve White

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