Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden

Close mates dossing out all weathers.

Me and my closest mates Clank, Varnsey and Kendrick worshipped Paul Di'anno and Iron Maiden and this their debut masterclass as well as the subsequent Killers album. This was my baptism into Heavy Rock and i can recall vividly we dossed out all weathers, got soaked through, yellow snow Trouse Lane Shops, round Wednesbury town centre. One night being chased and outnumbered by a gang of much older mods and getting a slap. Got arrested for helping ourselves to pop from an unlocked van.  

Submitted by Warren Cooper 

Another great debut album that any rock band would be proud of. I saw Iron Maiden on the number of the beast tour an they played Phantom of the Opera, which reminds me of Daley Thompson and Lucozade.

Submitted by Steve White

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