It Bites - Eat Me in St. Louis

What an underrated album this is, introduced to me by great friend Seamus. This was at a time when Seamus, Tony and myself would spend a lot of time together and at one point shared a flat together. Great times, most of which I don’t remember, due to the copious amount of alcohol we used to consume. It was actually only today following a conversation with Tony that around the time that this was out, we used to go into Birmingham City for drinks. There used to be this bar that was actually situated in a shopping center just off Colmore Row, I cant think of the name. We would go there quite regularly, but this one Saturday afternoon, Tony and me had already been to the Shakespeare and The Temple Bar and al the other usual haunts that we frequented back then. So, as you can imagine we had probably had enough> We ordered 2 bottles of Sol, with the lime and drank from the bottle. We noticed that behind the bar they had small bottles of Tequila, no more than two shots in each. They also had an hallucinogenic worm in them. Yes you guessed it we had to try them. I opened mine and down it went, I looked round at Tony and he couldn’t do it. So before he could say give me a minute. I’d taken it off him and done his too. I have no idea how I remember this, as we were both absolutely wasted. But I also remember just sitting on the stools in this bar and we were in fits of laughter.

Submitted by Steve White

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