Mallory Knox - Signals

Mallory Knox were the first band I properly fell in love with, I followed them everywhere. I attended every gig, bought every album, met every member. The first year I went to Slam Dunk Festival wsa 2013, I remember seeing their name on the lineup and became curious. I listened to them prior to Slam Dunk and became obsessed, I bought this album (which was their debut) and listened to it on repeat. On the day of the festival, I was around the back of the main stage, with a bunch of other people, waiting to meet a band called Sleeping with Sirens. While we were waiting, a car pulled up and out stepped Mallory Knox. Nobody else was fazed by it, however I was nearly on the floor crying in shock. I remember Mikey (Chapman), their lead singer, spotted me straight away and smiled. He came up to me and gave me a hug - I was in awe!

Submitted by Keeley White

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