Michael Jackson - Off the Wall

Michael Jackson – Off The Wall

A truly great pop album, from a time when Michael Jackson was just another great artist, without any strangeness surrounding him. If you have only ever listened to Michaels music from when you were introduced to it, i.e. Thriller, Dangerous etc. then you are doing yourself a great injustice. This album reminds me of my sister, who when I was younger was a big music influencer for me and taught me that the most valuable lesson with music is not just to stick one genre. When I was younger Carole had a boyfriend, Dean Lennon, he was a DJ. He would very often bring is records around , so we got to listen to all the new songs in the charts. There would be reggae, pop, rock, disco etc. even songs like Born to be Alive by Patrick Hernandez and like you I have no idea why that has stuck in my head, but I think at the time I found it funny because of his accent. Don’t get me wrong, you will notice that most of my memories are based around rock music, as that is my preferred genre. But, I believe that you should always be wiling to try out something new and take a break from the norm.

Submitted by Steve White

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