Pierce The Veil - Collide With The Sky

When I was around 13, I started hanging around with people at school that were into rock music, and getting into it myself. One day we were on lunch, and all my friends were talking about how Pierce the Veil were touring and was I going?! I've got to be honest, I had never heard of Pierce the Veil, but acted enthused and said yeah I'll go. I text my dad to ask if I could, as I'd never been alone to a gig before and he agreed. Next thing I know, all of my friends are handing me their ticket money and asking me to order all of the tickets in bulk. I got home and remember my dad making me walk to the bank and deposit the money into his account before he would order the tickets. It was tense... Following the ticket purchase, I played this album on repeat until the day of the gig. I knew every word, every riff, every band member. It was a gig I could never forget.

Submitted by Keeley White

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