Queen - The Miracle

Queen has a very special place in my heart as my dad used to listen to them very often when I was little.

He had a collection of LPs and CDs and I was especially mesmerised by music from two CDs: News of the World and The Miracle.

Firstly, the album covers were sooo cool, and of course as a visual person from a very young age, these really inspired.

I remember thinking that my dad is soooo cool :) 

Songs from these two albums: We Will Rock You (and learning how to do this in the rythm with heel stomp and clap)

From The Miracle: The Miracle, I want it all and The invisible man


From a personal aspect, listening to these songs reminds me of the happy time when my mum and dad were together and everything was well


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Submitted by Jaanika Okk

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