Scorpions - Blackout

This is an album that I have replaced on vinyl several times, apart from it being an amazing album. It comes from a time when I was still at school. The album was released in March of 1982, I was only 14. Peter Sarson, Steve Vaughn and myself were best buddies and inseparable. Even though we weren't great at German or P. E., we got on really well with the teacher Mr. Kirby. He had permed hair and a moustache, the picture of Yosemite Sam is the only thing I could find that was close, and to be honest, its not really that close of a resemblance , but I like Sam and it was a way to get a picture of him in.
Mr Kirbypng
Anyway, the point is Mr. Kirby didn't like The Scorpions. In fact he said they were just a noise. We had a bit of a debate, but the he said "you need to listen to Black Sabbath". Well, I was dumb founded at the time, surely Sabbath started heavy rock and by definition if the Scorpions were a noise, also heavy rock, then it would make sense that Sabbath were too. The following day, Mr. Kirby brought in the album Technical Ecstasy by Black Sabbath for us to borrow. Although the album isn't my favourite Sabbath album, I could see where he was coming from. But, don't think for one minute that I agree with him about the noise insinuation.
Blackout by the Scorpions is heavy rock but also very melodic and carries some great concert anthems, like, Blackout, No one Like You, Can't Live without You and Dynamite. I remember buying the single 'No One Like You' on 7" picture disc for my girlfriend.
No one like you pic discjpg
A couple of years later I went to see them in concert and they didn't disappoint. A year later the tour that I saw them on was released as a live album called 'World Wide Live' and what a great live album that is. Blackout is another album that i still listen to, especially when I'm driving.

Submitted by Steve White

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