Supertramp - Breakfast in America

WOW What on album (Cassette)

Its the summer of 1985, and I'm on my way to a School friends wedding in Bournemouth, (He had moved down there a couple years before and now invited me to his wedding)

Train Ticket….Check
Take Away Coffee…Not been invented yet
Cassette for Walkman…Breakfast in America, By Supertramp Oh my god, Thanks to Woolworhs bargain section I played it back to back and on the return Journey

The Logical Song, “and then they showed me a world, where I could be so dependable.
  Clinical, Intellectual, and Cynical, (Christ, I'm only 18 Yrs The Boys were singing to me)If anyone knows me, I'm still all of these three to this day

I challenge anyone to sit on a fast moving train, front facing with this on, LOUD and NOT on SHUFFLE, the hardest part is not not clap hands, and to sing along TICK,TICK yeah then the SAX,

I know some of the words are deep and love the fact that when I listen its about that train journey and the WALKMAN, EARLY MORNING YESTERDAY, opening lines to Goodbye Stranger

Supertramp are the band I would like most to See on the Legends slot on Sunday afternoon at Glastonbury

Submitted by Seamus Phillips

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