The Police - Regatta De Blanc

Its 1979 and my sister Bridgette has bought me an Album for Christmas, The Police Regatta De Blanc 

God did I think I had one the lottery, no more oranges in my stocking but an LP, I shit you not, who needs Midnight Mass,  

With a house full of children and visitors for about the next 6 months every time I could get on the Record Player I would play this album 

Ok singles Message in a bottle, Walking on the moon 

But really check out Regatta de Blanc, I played this again and again and imagined if were to see them they would play this as there opening track 

Sad to say, one of the bands didn’t get to see

I have played this recently and just shows you, drums, Bass and Guitar 

This is Sting at his best before going all tantric

Submitted by Seamus Phillips

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