U2 - The Joshua Tree

1987. What a fantastic year for rock music.

The sun was shining down, Tina and I would be sat by the pool, with a beer or some other alcoholic beverage. The Spanish waiter seemed like the happiest person in the world. This was Portinatx, Ibiza. Although San Antonio was already known for the clubs Portinatx was still pretty remote and it seemed like it was our own little island.

The Joshua Tree was kind of like the poolside soundtrack as the waiter only seemed to have about 3 albums. one by Elton John, Laura Brannigan (the one with Gloria) and The Joshua Tree.

Although its not the most summery album, it is quite a chilled album. This album will always bring back memories of this holiday. And the cheery on the top of the cake was, when I got home, This album had been delivered to me, through Britannia Music Club, as this was there album of the month.

Submitted by Steve White

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