UB40 - Signing Off

This was released in the summer of 1980, just before I started my third year in senior school. This was the first album I bought. £3.99 from good old Woolies. I remember listening to this album in the darkness of my bedroom, wearing massive headphones and just floating on the sounds of the saxophone on the tracks. I remember trying to unravel the meaning behind tracks like Tyler and Burden Of Shame. I Think It’s Going To Rain Today just being one of my favourite chilling tracks then, and it still is today. The instrumentals are great. How could a bunch of Brummies on the dole create these tracks. So inspiring. At the age of 54, I still listen to this album in the dark but with much smaller headphones, but now the sound of the saxophone causes me to drift off to sleep. It’s just so chilled out and I don’t give a damn about the lyrics.

Submitted by Trevor Nolan

This album, is another that reminds of my sister Carole, but, I always loved King and still do. This also brings back memories of my Nan, which some of you may find a little strange. However, and I'm not sure if it was Astro, but one of the band members used to live just around the corner from my Nan in Whitmore road, Small Heath, which was also where my first job was at Bryant Homes as a Labourer. It was a family thing, my Grandad had worked there, then his son (my Uncle Bobby), my brother Robert and me.

Submitted by Steve White

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