Van Halen - Van Halen

Every Friday night at the Grapes in Birmingham Tony Craig, would always start his set with Eruption, the instrumental short track from this album that changed the way rock guitarists would play forever. This 1minute and 42 second long explosive track is a reason for buying this album alone. But this album is all killers and no fillers. In their time, Van Halen have done quite a few cover versions, but none like the classic version of 'You Really Got Me', originally done by The Kinks. This is another tune that my kids have grown up with. This album takes me back to lots of memories as a teenager, hanging around with Pete and Steve, or chilling in Kev's front room. But also the pubs and clubs that we went to. The Costermongers, The Tin Can, Edwards No. 8 and a few others. 

Submitted by Steve White

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