Whitesnake - 1987

This album has so many memories, as it is still one that I listen to still quite regularly, even after over 30 years since it's original release. The first memory is listening to it for the very first time on the bus home from my girlfriends house on a Sony Walkman cassette player.
sony walkmanjpg
I had previously heard and loved the iconic 'Still of the Night', but as soon as 'Bad Bad Boys' kicked in, I was grinning like a Cheshire cat and couldn't contain my excitement. I remember looking out of the window at that point and there was another bus going the other way and a girl around the same age was smiling back at me. They say that if you smile the world smiles with you. She could either see my thorough enjoyment or thought I was completely mad.

The album also brings back memories of Edwards No.8  which was a rock club that we used to go to, It had 3 floors of rock music, but we generally stayed to the main 1st floor, where all of the classic rock tracks were played. And yes, I used to head-bang on the dancefloor under the spotlights. I loved it, it was the closest I would ever get to being a rock-star, along with around 100 other people all playing air guitar.

Submitted by Steve White

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